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Watching: Girls. Okay so the season finale was last Sunday, but let's talk about it for a second. I've heard a lot of people really hating on this season, and frankly, I just don't get it. This season was by far my favorite season! I know everyone isn't the biggest fan of Hannah, but personally I find her hilarious. Plus, Adam. Oh, how my feelings have changed for Adam this season—love him. Anyone with me? (Update: really Iowa, really?!) Besides Girls, I obviously can't contain my excitement for Game of Thrones and Mad Men to start up in April! Also: how freakin' good was True Detective? One of the best TV shows ever? (I was even one of the few that loved the ending!) Let's just give that Emmy to MM now!

Listening: Junip. So, the way I discovered this folk-rock band is kinda lame (so maybe I watch a few shows on the CW...The Originals, anyone? no?.. okay.) Check out "Line of Fire", "Don't Let It Pass" and "The Ghost of Tom Joad". So good. Also, I created probably the best Spotify playlist EVER that I like to call "throwback emo". Brand New, Something Corporate, Taking Back Sunday, Dashboard Confessional. Seriously, the best. And random but, does anyone remember the song "Beating Hearts Baby" by Head Automatica circa 2004? That song randomly came up and I totally forgot about it.... anddd now it's on repeat.

Wearing: Um, well let's see—still wearing winter clothes. I seriously can't wait for dresses and shorts. Plus, I really feel like I have much better style in the summer because of the types of clothes I can wear—so I'm making it a goal to start up with more outfit posts once it finally gets warm out (will it ever happen?!)

Thinking about: Not hard to guess this one! The wedding, of course. I realized I never shared my Save the Dates with you guys. My awesomely talented designer friend/coworker, Emily, created these and they couldn't have turned out any more perfect. She's going to be working on invite designs in the next few weeks and I can't wait to see them!

Looking forward to: Just spring in general because although it's technically spring, it certainly hasn't arrived quite yet. Also, attending a bridal show at West End Salvage this Sunday. We really don't need anything in terms of vendors at this point, but it'll be fun to check out. I feel like I need to go to really get the full wedding planning experience!

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And.. It's Still Winter

Hi friends! I know, no post in almost two months – but hey, it's winter and I'll be totally honest, my life hasn't really been too exciting lately, which clearly makes for a very boring blog. My weekends in January and February were filled with nights in with takeout and Netflix (House of Cards!) and how many times could I possibly post pictures of that and call it a legit blog post? So, I'll just catch you guys up now with some photos from the winter months.

I am SO happy it's now March – however, I'm so over this winter and the negative degree weather or snow storms every other day. A heat wave looks to be rolling in next week with 40-degree weather though, and at this point, I will take whatever I can get. My sisters came to Des Moines to visit last weekend. It was so nice having them to hang out with for the whole weekend. Can you both move to Des Moines, please? My life would be so much more fun! Saturday we went shopping – Forever 21 is usually hit or miss for me, but they just came out with new line of spring clothes, and I found so many cute things! I ended up buying two dresses to wear for various bridal events coming up this summer. I also bought a maxi dress from Dry Goods, which I'll either wear to one of my bridal showers or the rehearsal dinner. Ahhh, I just can't wait for all things wedding this summer!

Zac brought home these pretty flowers – not for Valentine's Day, but just a random gloomy day in February, which, I think, is even better than roses on Valentine's Day.

One weekend in February, Zac and I went to an Iowa State men's basketball game in Ames with some friends. I really can't say I enjoy watching basketball on TV, but live games are always fun... especially when there are pre-drinks (Blue Moon, obviously) involved at a bar before the game.

As always, a few date nights were taken in January/February – one night we went and saw Wolf of Wall Street (loved it!) then headed to On the Border. On Valentine's Day, Zac took me to Dos Rios downtown for drinks and dinner. We love our Mexican and margaritas!

Two weekends ago, I visited some friends in Omaha. I am having one of my bridesmaids do my hair for my wedding, so we practiced wedding hair, celebrated National Margarita Day, and just caught up on each other's lives. I definitely need to visit more often!

I hope to start posting more this spring as the weather gets warmer and I actually venture out of the house! I'm always posting on Instagram though, so be sure to follow me there.
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